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How To Ensure Your Team Is Performing At Their Greatest Potential

In this breakthrough book for business leaders, you’ll learn:

  • How to encourage and inspire your people to their greatest level of performance
  • The strategies and tools to ensure your team collaborates effectively and achieve exponential results
  • How your team’s behaviour and their performance affects your bottom line
  • How to transform your non-performers into highly-productive assets to the business
  • How not having defined systems and processes in place puts your business at risk
  • Why aligning your people to your values ensures high performance and creates long term sustainability
  • Why avoiding or minimising the emotionally-charged issues like bullying and harassment can hurt your brand
  • Why having an emotional connection with your people creates motivation
  • Why not being up-to-date with current best practice and legislation significantly increases the risks in your business

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“We’ve been working with Nick for several years now. Nick started consulting with us from our fledgling days of a handful of employees to our successful ASX listing. Nick’s advice, support and expertise have been valued by myself and my senior colleagues throughout our ongoing engagement. Nick provides both operational and strategic support to our organisation and also lends an ‘extra pair of hands’ where required on strategic projects. His knowledge, service and HR capability is of the highest level and greatly respected. Nick has become a great extended asset to our team.”

Beau Bertoli
Co-CEO - Prospa Group Ltd

About Nick

We often hear that people are a business’ greatest asset. But unlike any other assets, people think for themselves, and that provides you with a huge opportunity. By utilising the right strategies, which are aligned to your vision and values, you can tap into their potential, and that is what will differentiate your business from any other and provide you with significant competitive advantage.

Tapping into a higher performance level is one thing, but there are a number of more difficult questions you need to ask yourself.

What do you do with people who are underperforming?

What systems are in place to ensure the underperformers don’t fall through the cracks of your organisation?

What options have you got to improve the capability of your people and their engagement?

What values and structures are in place to ensure your culture continues to lift the performance of your people, so they continue to achieve – or improve on – their targets, now and in the future?

These are all critical questions that must be addressed to avoid the blind spots in your peoples’ performance.

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Author, Director of Resolve HR


Get this breakthrough book for business leaders.

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