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Learn How To Take Control of Your People and Their Performance From Australia’s Most Respected Authority On Optimising People & Performance.

Nick Hedges is Australia’s Most Respected Authority On Optimising People & Performance. For over 15 years, Nick has been helping business leaders refine their approach to developing top performers and addressing underperforming team members within their organisations.

If you’re a leader in your business who is accountable for the daily performance of your team, you know that if your team doesn’t perform or operate at its full potential every day, the business goals of your organisation will be very difficult to achieve.

Many businesses start out small and run well because they’re small. When they begin to grow however, they need ways to ensure that all their employees understand the organisation’s strategy, purpose, vision and values and are aligned with them.

Unaddressed, these “growing pains” can cripple a business, leading to unnecessary conflict, disengagement, and poor productivity.

Your people are your greatest competitive assets, but they’re not “hard” assets, they’re “soft” assets. Unlike your other assets, they think for themselves and have the potential that you could be tapping into with the right strategies and tactics.

Tapping into a higher performance level is one thing, but what do you do with people who are underperforming? How do you take control of your people and performance to ensure the greatest growth for your business?

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